Mycotoxins eliminator - Protects against mycotoxin damage

Mycotoxicosis, the combination of signs and symptoms caused by mycotoxins that are omnipresent in animal feed, affects the performance of animals dramatically. Moreover, different strategies are required to protect your animals against a wide range of mycotoxins with specific toxicity. Therefore, the preventive use of a broad range mycotoxin eliminator is crucial to ensure technical and economical performance. 


Main benefits

  • Absorbs and eliminates mycotoxins in the gut
  • Supports the animal's immune response
  • Strengthens the gut barrier
  • Reduces the effect of toxins on vital organs


Mycotoxins Eliminator
    Dry, all-in solution, uniting different strategies to counteract a wide range of mycotoxins and preventing symptoms associated with mycotoxicosis

In Poultry

Even below detection limits, different mycotoxins co-occur in the feed causing many subclinical effects in poultry. Mycotoxins alter the immune response and turn the epithelial barrier into a leaky gut. Impextraco is interested in and thoroughly investigated these subclinical effects as they are a preliminary factor for reduced fertility in breeders and performance in broilers. By supporting the animal, ELITOX® ensures an optimal financial result.

Elitox Poultry

In Swine

DON and ZEA cause very recognisable symptoms in swine affecting performance or fertility. At Impextraco we investigated the effects of these mycotoxins in swine and developed ELITOX® as a broad-spectrum eliminator to tackle all subclinical effects.

Elitox Swine

In Ruminants

Ruminants are exposed to a very broad array of mycotoxins. Next to cereals, also forages are contaminated with different types of toxins. Although ruminants are more resistant to the clinical effects, they experience problems with milk quality, milk production and mastitis. Supporting a proper immune response goes hand in hand with reducing somatic cell count and less a lower incidence of mastitis.  

Elitox Ruminants


Mycotoxins, bacteria and virus are not the only threats to animal health in the intensified husbandry of today. Faster growth derives into problems associated to oxidative stress, which affect production parameters (carcass weight), standards of meat quality (PSE) and animal welfare. Oxidative stresses such as vaccination and peaking performance induce formation of excess radicals, which attack and damage the body cells of the animals.

How can you protect body cells of animals from oxidative stress? In vivo trials showed the effect of Elife® in stimulating animal growth and improving meat quality under different rearing conditions.

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