Natural cell protection

The constant higher demand for animal protein leads to an increased pressure on production efficiency. Faster growth however, often translates into problems associated to oxidative stress, which affect main production parameters (i.e. limiting the live weight gain, feed conversion, carcass yield, farrowing- or egg performance, etc.), but also the standards of meat quality (e.g. PSE) and the animal's welfare. ELIFE®’s concentrated and synergistic antioxidant blend of natural polyphenols reduces this ubiquitous issue of oxidative stress (i.e. cell damage, impaired organ functioning, metabolic energy losses) in high-performing animals. This preserved integrity and functioning of body cells, is guaranteed by its broad-spectrum scavenging of harmful free radicals, recycling of in vivo antioxidants (e.g. vitamin E) and active stimulation of the animal's own antioxidant defence system. ELIFE® also significantly enhances key quality parameters of meat, such as drip loss, tenderness, pigmentation and shelf life (extended resistance to lipid oxidation). 

Main benefits
Consequently, ELIFE® brings important and consistent benefits to the daily operations of any farmer or integrator, such as

  • Optimized animal performance (oxidative stress relief)
  • Improved slaughter yield results and meat quality economics
  • Cost savings by safe partial replacement of dietary vitamin E


Natural cell protection

Dry blend of well-selected natural extracts with high and synergistic polyphenol content, that render the product a potent in vivo antioxidant.


In Poultry

Broiler chickens generally face high levels of oxidative stress (excess free radicals) during the last weeks of fattening. This metabolic challenge affects the free radical (oxidative) status across their entire body (i.e. blood cells, organs and other tissues) right up to slaughter. Obviously, this can have a substantial impact on the antioxidant system of the bird, its body growth, the carcass parameters, as well as the quality of the meat during storage. By strongly altering the broiler’s in vivo oxidative status and antioxidant capacity, ELIFE® supplemented during this stressful pre-slaughter period shows to improve zootechnical performance, weight yield of carcass and different meat parts (valuable retail cuts), as well as meat drip loss or shelf life.

Elife Poultry

In Swine

Fattening pigs typically face peak levels of oxidative stress throughout the last finisher phase, limiting their full growth potential and leading to slaughter losses indirectly. Obviously, a high oxidative status during this final period also affects the quality of the meat during storage. Supplementing ELIFE® to the finisher diet of fattening pigs has consistently shown to improve zootechnical results and profitability at the farm level, as well as carcass- and meat quality revenues at the slaughterhouse and meat processing facility.

During the so-called post-weaning dip, weaned piglets also experience a high degree of oxidative stress (free radicals) after being separated from the mother sow. The allocation into a new social environment further worsens their body’s oxidative status and impacts their overall well-being. Moreover, the switch from liquid to solid feed creates a nutritional stress on top (intestinal disturbances), which stimulates additional free radical formation. This oxidative stress around weaning implies high economic losses to both farmers and integration systems on a daily basis. Impextraco® ’s natural in vivo antioxidant ELIFE® provides the right solution! 

Elife Swine


Animals grown under high level of stress are more susceptible to bacterial infection, which requires efficient defence system against pathogenic invaders. Furthermore, it is essential to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and stimulate beneficial flora, in order to maintain a well-balanced gut microflora.

Ecocell® modulates the immune system and its function, which makes the animal less susceptible to diseases. It reduces invasion of certain pathogens by stopping them from attaching to the intestinal tract epithelium and protects your animals from bacterial enteritis and diarrhea problems. It also exhibits a prebiotic effect influencing the microflora in the intestine.

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