Xtra-performance: XP ORGANIC ACID SALTS

Organic acid salts are acidifying substances added to feed to improve the efficiency of feed conversion and decrease the development of pathogenic micro-organisms in the intestine. Organic acids are also used as preservatives to prevent the decomposition of animal feed.

Acids/Acid Salts

The XTRA-PERFORMANCE® range provides the tools to ensure maximum productivity and performance which optimize and enhance the nutritional quality of your feed. This results in a significant increase in profitability for animal feed production overall.

Calcium Propionate

Our Xtra’s:

  • PROPIMPEX® Ca inhibits mold growth in animal feed
  • PROPIMPEX® Ca improves feed preservation
  • PROPIMPEX® Ca is an energy-rich substance to improve animal health
  • PROPIMPEX® Ca contains a fully available source of Calcium
  • PROPIMPEX® Ca is developed and manufactured in Europe by Impextraco 
Calcium Propionate 98% powder
Calcium Propionate 98% microgranulate