125 Years of Agro Experience

"To meet your expectations we apply our family values everyday for your benefit."

Impextraco was set up in 1971 on a pedigree of 125 years of expertise in the feed industry through the agro-industrial Vanden Avenne family.

Ever since Zeno Vanden Avenne pioneered in 1889 in the grain business, the family rapidly expanded into feed production. Today, the Vanden Avenne name stands for a cluster of independent companies, specialised in feed and food chain activities such as grain trading, storage and transshipment, animal nutrition, meat and food production as well as biofuels.

With the acquisition of Impextraco by Marc and Yves Vanden Avenne in 1987, the family ventured into the field of micro ingredients. Their agribusiness knowhow and entrepreneurial spirit complemented the Impextraco team.

This driven Impextraco team was able to set a remarkable track record resulting in successful product ranges such as POWER-PROTEXION® and XTRA-PERFORMANCE®. Consequently, they expanded globally, opening foreign branches in Brazil, Mexico, China and Thailand with sales in over 90 countries worldwide.

Headquarter Belgium

Impextraco customers fully benefit from family values and traditions such as personal involvement and devotion, mutual respect, innovation and reliability. The feed industry is expected yet to face many challenges. As such it is important we safeguard the ethos of a family business marked by a long-term investment horizon and an outstanding record of employee and business partner relations.

Production facility Impextraco in Belgium

We will continue to live up to these expectations and nurture our family values to your benefit.

How it all started for our family.
  • 1889
    1st generation: Zeno Vanden Avenne starts trade in grain and fertilizers.
    2nd generation: Start animal feed production with first mill in Ooigem.
    3rd generation: Start of first full–automatic computerised feed production in Belgium.
  • 1960
    Start of Eurosilo-GGT in the port of Ghent: storage and transshipment company.
  • 1986
    Marc and Yves sell their shares in Vanden Avenne feed mill.
The growth of Impextraco.
  • Marc and Yves acquire Impextraco, specialised in micro-ingredients and additives for the animal feed.
    Their agribusiness knowhow and entrepreneurial spirit complement the Impextraco team. Thanks to a customer oriented approach Impextraco grows as a globally respected producer and supplier of micro ingredients for feeds.
  • 1987
    Purchase of Impextraco feed ingredients in january, purchase of Goorden functional food ingredients.
    Impextraco purchases first production facility “VRIESCO”.
    Purchase of technology for Choline Chloride production in East Germany.
    Creation of our Chinese presence.
  • 1996
    Creation of Impextraco Latin America in Curitiba Brasil.
    Purchase of actual Impextraco production facilities near Port of Antwerp.
    Start of Calcium propionate production.
  • 1998
    Launch of Power Protexion Division, innovative products to protect feed and animal itself.

    Creation of 2 pillars of product excellence PP and XP.
  • 2000
    Grand opening of Impextraco’s new production factory.
    First opening of representative office in Singapore to serve SE Asia.
    Creation of Impextraco Mexico.
    Confirmation of Chinese presence with opening of representative office.
  • 2011
    Creation of Impextraco Thailand.
  • 2012
    New container blenders to ensure contamination free production such as anticoccidial drugs, antibiotics and growth promotors.
  • 2013
    Full automatic production line
    Opening of Impextraco West-Africa in Lagos, Nigeria.


  • 03/19/2020

    The global spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent extreme measures that countries are implementing to slow down the virus have had and are having a serious impact in all of us.

    Impextraco has increased its safety protocols as we continue to monitor the situation closely. This has translated into both an international travel ban for our sales force worldwide and the implementation of home-office policy for all employees whose presence at site was not essential for the daily operation.

    Having said that and despite these moments of hardship, our production plant and distribution centers continue to operate at full capacity thanks to our factory team. Similarly, our QA/QC teams are guaranteeing the same high quality standards as usual and last, but not least, our diligent customer service team is assuring the delivery of our products under these exceptional circumstances.

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  • 03/10/2015

    I am a dairy producer in the Americas, with about 2000 cows.  My feed company had decided to buy corn of a new supplier and it contained severe toxin loads. 

    My cows were on 6 g/head/day Elitox® at the time.  But they started to show T-2 type signs with bloody diarrhea throughout the herd and several cows died after being removed from the herd to the sick group.

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