Highly bio available Zn source

One of the main health issues after weaning of piglets is diarrhea, often caused by Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC). The use of very high dosages of zinc oxide (ZnO; 2500 ppm and more), is a very effective method to control post-weaning diarrhea. Zinc is also an essential trace element that is involved in various physiological and metabolic processes. The nutritional requirement of zinc is relatively high in fast-growing young animals, and the new maximum EU recommendation of 150 ppm for piglets might not fulfill the requirement after weaning. Growth retardation and reduced feed intake are among the first signs of zinc deficiency. Thanks to its higher absorption capacity and better antimicrobial properties against ETEC, ZINCAB® can be used at lower inclusion levels with equal or better results in comparison with regular zinc oxide, and hence is a good alternative to reduce the use of Zinc in pig nutrition.


Main benefits

  • Higher antimicrobial properties
  • Increased absorption capacity
Highly bio available Zn source

In Piglets

ZINCAB® is a superior zinc oxide source to be used in animal feed. It has a higher absorptive capacity due to enhanced physico-chemical properties.


Post-weaning diarrhea by ETEC is a major issue in piglets. In practice, it is controlled by high levels of ZnO in the diet (>2500 ppm). In the EU, this level is already banned, but in many countries the high use of dietary ZnO is still allowed. ZnO has many concerns, from environmental issues to bacterial cross-resistance. Therefore, there is a trend to reduce the level of ZnO in weaned piglets. ZINCAB® is perfect for this trend, as it has the same antibacterial properties as regular zinc oxide, but at a lower inclusion. 


Both ZnO and antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) are banned or limited in use in animal feed. Risks  should be reevaluated and carefully treated when they can not be disguised by ZnO or AGPs. Taking mycotoxins for example, they damage the intestinal barrier by inducing a state of "leaky gut", strongly affect immunological processes and lower animal performances, even at a low contamination level.

With Elitox® range, we have helped farms from all over the world to minimize the risk of mycotoxin contaminations, improved animal growth,  immunity defense and general health status. 

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