Acidifiers - Strenghtens gut efficiency

The ACIDAL® range is developed to protect the animal in stress situations and under hygiene challenging conditions. ACIDAL® helps the animal in reducing the stomach pH, crucial in protein digestion and pathogen defense. Adding ACIDAL® ML to the drinking water, prevents biofilm formation in drinking lines and carry-over of pathogens entering the animal. 

Main benefits

  • Reduces stomach pH
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Improves palatibility (NC product)
  • Improves drinking water hygiene (ML product)


Gut health and efficiency & Water quality
    Dry, synergistic combination of organic acids and salts for substitution of buffering limestone.
    Dry, synergistic combination of organic acids, salts and natural extract.
    Liquid synergistic combination of acids and their salts for supplementation in drinking water.

In Poultry

Water is often described as the ‘forgotten nutrient’, due to the fact that healthy animals drink about twice as much as they eat. Moreover, during critical periods of life, e.g. during disease or pre-slaughter period, feed intake is reduced but water consumption continues. Therefore, it is essential to ensure access to sufficient and clean drinking water.

Poultry drinking

In Swine

A low pH in the stomach is necessary for optimal enzymatic digestion and to ensure a pH barrier against pathogenic bacteria. Many feed ingredients buffer acid production in young animals, causing problems with protein digestion. Adding organic acids in the diet will lower stomach pH and ensure optimal protein digestion and performance.



Gut health is crucial in animal production and is essential for optimal technical performance. A multiple-hurdle solution is required to protect the overall gut health by reducing pathogen load, improving intestinal barrier, reduce energy waste due to inflammation and improving nutrient digestion and absorption.

N-Force® combines different strategies to ensure good gut health to get the best performance from your livestock. 

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