Salmonella inhibitors - protects against pathogenic bacteria

Pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium and Mycoplasma are omnipresent and responsible for diseases leading to performance losses. High productive animals in challenging environments are extremely susceptible to pathogens, and measures should be taken to limit transmission. Feed mills should not be held responsible for introduction of pathogens in previously pathogen-free farms. The SALSTOP® range is developed to protect the animal against pathogens, especially transmitted through feed.


Main benefits

  • Ensures decontamination of (high risk) raw materials and finished feed
  • Ensures decontamination of the feed mill
  • Guarantees safer feed for animals

Salmonella inhibitors - protects against pathogenic bacteria
    Liquid, synergistic combination of acidity-regulating salts for spraying onto feed and high risk materials.
    Dry, synergistic combination of organic acids and salts to prevent (re)contamination and microbial growth.


Do you know animals drink twice as much as they eat? Drinking water is often neglected as a powerful route to supplement nutritional and functional ingredients. Under stress, animals reduce feed intake while water intake remains or increases. Moreover, application via drinking water is fast, efficient and flexible.

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