Our Two product pillars

Healthy and safe animal products. Minimal environmental pollution. The animal production industry is facing new requirements from the consumer and the regulatory authorities.

We at Impextraco®, a leading European company, have anticipated this trend several years ago and developed both the POWER-PROTEXION® and XTRA-PERFORMANCE® ranges.


POWER-PROTEXION® range provides functional feed ingredients which protect the animals as well as their feed, ensuring food safety and enhancing profitability. All made with the highest quality antioxidants, mould inhibitors, mycotoxin eliminators, salmonella inhibitors, acidifiers, enzymes and prebiotics. 

XTRA-PERFORMANCE® stands for a comprehensive range, including vitamins, micro minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, growth enhancers, anticoccidials, colouring agents, enzymes and organic acid & their salts. All enhancing the nutritional value of the feed in order to bring superior performance to your animal production.

Animal production is a rapidly growing and dynamic sector. New markets are constantly opening up, and with them come new regulations and standards. Public opinion has also shifted, and nowadays people are increasingly concerned about animal welfare, food safety, sustainability and environmentally friendly production methods. We manufacture feed ingredients that meet your current and future needs. Products which provide the optimum solutions for your customers’ requests. 
The range POWER-PROTEXION® protects livestock and improves animal response to disease and infection, while our XTRA-PERFORMANCE® range allows our customers to cope better with ever more competitive markets. Our products reflect the interests of all stakeholders in food safety and animal welfare. That’s why Impextraco has successfully built its business around two crucial feed issues that reach the very heart of our customers’ needs: POWER-PROTEXION® is a product range offering cost-effective animal protection.
XTRA-PERFORMANCE® is a comprehensive range of branded products that significantly optimize and enhance the nutritional quality of feed while boosting livestock performance and productivity.
To make sure you get the best feed ingredients possible, we strongly emphasise on R&D and quality control. Through advanced production facilities and experimental units, we deliver cost-effective, efficient and sustainable solutions. The whole of our production, research, warehousing and distribution facilities comply with the highest EU and international quality control standards, such as GMP. They meet the most rigorous quality checks, physical inspections, manufacturing best practices and comprehensive traceability requirements. What and where ever your needs are, you can safely rely on Impextraco’s full commitment to your success.



  • 03/10/2015

    I am a pig farmer in Queensland and I use Elitox® routinely in sow and weaning diets to help manage the challenges that mycotoxins can cause.

    It is also used on an “as needs” basis in further rations if raw materials are deemed to present a higher risk. Use in sows is to optimize both fertility of sows and liveability of young pigs. We have been previously contended with lesions and discoloration of ears, feet and tails in weaning pigs. We attributed this to mycotoxins. 

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