Gut health improvers - protects against intestinal damage

BUTIFOUR® is a well-balanced, powerful solution based on coated calcium butyrate and natural ingredients. The in-house Impextraco coating technology ensures that the calcium butyrate bypasses the stomach and is gradually released along the intestinal tract to perform its function.

The natural ingredients are selected to reinforce the butyrate’s action, by synergistically improving digestion and protecting the intestinal barrier. 

Main benefits

  • Improves nutrient digestion and absorption
  • Strengthens intestinal barrier
  • Modulates the animal's immunity
  • Balances the intestinal microflora



Gut Health Improvers
    Dry, odorless, synergistic combination based on coated butyrate for poultry.
    Dry, odorless, synergistic combination based on coated butyrate for calves, rabbits and pigs.
    Dry, coated calcium butyrate source for poultry, swine, calves, rabbits, fish and shrimps.

In Poultry

The tremendous amounts of feed consumed by commercial poultry breeds, require an optimally functioning digestive tract. Butyrate is an important and essential molecule in protective nutritional concepts that support this functioning. The coating technology of BUTIFOUR® has been developed by Impextraco and ensures protection of the entire digestive tract, thanks to a slow-release of butyric acid until reaching the distal part of the intestinal tract. 

Butifour Poultru

In Swine

The importance of intestinal function is also acknowledged in piglet nutrition. What do you expect from solutions on better intestinal health in piglets? Is it enhanced growth, improved feed conversion, or improved fecal scoring? Check out what BUTIFOUR® can do to support your piglets‘ health.

Swine Butifour


High pathogen intake damages the intestinal health and compromises animal performance. A low pH in the stomach is necessary for optimal enzymatic digestion and to ensure a pH barrier against pathogenic bacteria. This is especially important in (pre)starter diets as young animals have more difficulties in coping with the high buffering capacity of minerals and proteins in the feed. Addition of Acidal®NC in the feed helps the animal in reducing the stomach pH, crucial in protein digestion and pathogen defense.

Animals may eat less under stressed conditons, but their water intake remains or increases. Application of Acidal®ML via drinking water prevents microbial biofilm formation in drinking lines and carry-over of  pathogens entering the animal. 

Click here for inspiration on pH and pathogen control, essential steps in improving gut health, using Acidal®NC in the feed and Acidal®ML in the drinking water.