Natural gut health - the power of nature

Due to the reduced usage of AGP’s, the challenge of dysbacteriosis tends to increase in livestock production. Bacterial enteritis is a vicious circle, starting with oversupply of nutrients in the lumen, leading to a shift in microbiota, inducing morphological and functional alterations, resulting in poor digestion of feed and absorption of nutrients, leading again to oversupply of nutrients in the lumen. To prevent this vicious circle, it is highly recommended to use preventive additives that interact with all 4 steps of this vicious circle. N-FORCE® combines different strategies to ensure a proper gut health to get the best performance from your livestock.

Main benefits

  • Reduces the pathogen load in the stomach
  • Enhances intestinal barrier
  • Modulates immunity
  • Improves nutrient digestion and absorption



Natural gut health

Balanced mixture of medium chain fatty acids, calcium butyrate and natural ingredients to enhance gut health and performance.


In Poultry

Gut health is key for optimal performance, but is an unstable equilibrium between the microflora, nutrition and the gut barrier. One alteration easily leads to a vicious circle, enlarging the problem. N-FORCE® is developed to balance this equilibrium by protecting the entire digestive tract of the animal. MCFA's target pathogens in the stomach, while calcium butyrate has multiple benefits in the intestinal tract. 

Poultry N-Force


Zinc oxide has played a significant antibacterial role in young animal feed. In spite of the therapeutic benefit of ZnO, its negative effects, such as its influence on environment and bacterial resistance, has led to a ban or restrictive use in animal feed.

Is there a possibility to keep the benefit of ZnO on animals with a minimal inclusive level in the feed? Thanks to the innovational technology used in Zincab®, it is proven to be possible!

Click here for inspiration on the replacement of regular ZnO using Zincab®.