Co-sponsor of the stage bus of the Escola Ecológica

scola ecologica

As you may know, Impextraco sponsors the Escola Ecológica Marcelino Champagnat, so that every child has the opportunity to have an education.
In that light we now co-sponsored a stage bus in the Centro Educacional Marista Ecológica in Almirante Tamandaré.

This project aims to highlight artists and local groups of the communities, art students of the universities, and ethnical companies. The children, on intellectual formation phase, benefit from this different apprenticeship, experiencing other cultures like music, theater and dance.

The “stage bus” performs on parks, squares, citizenship centers, public schools and the ones of special education. Up to now there were 63 presentations, around 11.000 spectators

Founded in 1994, the Centro Educacional Marista Ecológica is part of the Rede Marista de Solidariedade and is placed in the city of Almirante Tamandaré, Paraná, attending the municipality communities. Focused in attending children among 10-15 years, the unit offers services of Fundamental Education on integral shift. With the support of 52 collaborators, the unit is able to perform up to 300 attendances per day.